" Wingless "

Author: Howitz
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Release date: 02/05/2011 - 05:42
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" Wingless "
level a

"One little goo ball had a nice dream
floating, up high, in an endless sea,
as the goo ball soared through the clouds in the sky,
he said to himself, 'I wish I could fly'.
The little goo ball woke up on a hill,
up above, it seems, was a big flying mill.
The only way up was to climb a long pole,
this little goo ball will do more than just roll,
for now his dream may finally come true,
a wingless little ball of delicious green goo."
-Anonymous Adventurer

Oh and enjoy! Do something special for that little green goo!

Credits to Waterflame for the music!

This is my third official level, and would like some feedback for improvements and future levels!


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