Level Addins

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Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt

Build high and fast, because the conveyor belt goes on and on.

Goal: 5 balls
OCD: 40 balls

Through The Gears
We have to get to that flame!

A level that is part of 'Computer Craziness'.

2 new balls

My first level ever.Help MOM send spam to WOGCorp. and destroy the anti-spam box and infect the anti-virus gear.Pipe hole is blocked so you must find it oh, and DON'T TOUCH THE SPAM

Goo Fishing
goo hill

Version 2.0 now with added fish.
My forth level, has a twist. The goo is hidden in the pipes. Use the fish and water to get them out. Some nifty manipulation of those weird fish might help and a little patience. Fishing is a relaxing pastime, no need to hurry as you are not against the clock on this level. When you have your catch. Drop it over the cliff. Be careful of the goo lake, or your catch will be reprocessed.
The OCD of 89 moves should be a challenge for most of us. Hope you enjoy the fishing, I had lots of fun developing it.

Obsessive Climbing

Another level from "Goosweek's Goomods Factory":

Goo Balls need to climb up the conveyor belt. But it's going down and down...


OCD is now 35 balls.

My first level with histop, lostop & bounce parameters of hinge!

King of the Jungle

This is my first level - set in the jungle, the Goos are separated from the pipe by a huge gap... and Tarzan-style swinging vines...!

Additional language support to follow in v1.2

SPOILER - Check out the video for the OCD!

The Other Shaft
hanging around

A straight forward level based on the scenery from Upper Shaft. All you have to do is get her out of there in as few moves as possible. OCD set at 89, a challenge but achievable. I think it's a fun level and have enjoyed making and playing it. Hope you like it.
Update, the OCD has been well and truly shafted by the Goo Wizards. So if you have the touch. You can save her in only 4 moves!

Down the Drain

A battle against gravity, buoyancy and general wetness.

A pretty hard level, if I may say so myself! It *is* doable, though, believe me or not. Wink

The OCD time is probably impossible - for me, at least - but feel free to send me your results, and I'll try to find a more appropriate one.

War of Goo 2

Revolution at the world of goo corporation!
Goo vs. Goo
OCD is 130 seconds or less.
I'd uploaded a new one because the last one wans't finish yet.
So this is the final version.

Industrial Oven
Ain't she sweet

A damsel has been trapped in her own oven! You must save her.

by Grant