Little Path

Author: Kopa
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Latest version: 1.1
Release date: 11/29/2009 - 01:18
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Many people find this level difficult but that's not true! Check the video if you really don't see how to do.

I wonder if some people managed to finish the level without OCD..

There are english and french version!

The picture was made by my friend : Ghyorn.

The level was fixed by thB : thanks!

- Fix: no crash when clicking on continue
- Fix: music uses <music> instead of <loopsound> (allows for volume control)
- Fix: music is now mono and should work for everyone
- Fix: aligned positions of level exit and pipe
- Change: widescreen camera uses same zoom level as normal camera
- Change: camera shows actual starting point at level start
- Change: camera position and zoom level during end sequence (center of level, long shot)

- initial release

World of Goo: Little Path - OCD (12 Balls)
World of Goo: Little Path - OCD (12 Balls)
by thB.
Little Path OCD  11 goo balls
Little Path OCD 11 goo balls
by Pavke.

There are 2 videos.

There are 2 screenshots.

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1.0WindowsTue, 03/24/2009 - 12:18Little.Path.V1.0.goomod5.68 MB2,322

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