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Stones of Harmony

Stones of Harmony is the first level created by inwog for his 4th Generation. This level shows harmony, peace, and gentle dusk airs allows the environment flow.

inwog's 14th single level
Level made by inwog

Gotcha! 2

The main idea of this level comes from Gotcha!
Though it is not so hard,
someplace can't be called "Trap",
I still want you to enjoy it!

PS:The level is possible and it is VERY EASY TO FINISH!

World Sandbox

Build in all directions! Make ivy balls revolve around Earth, or maybe even actual structures!
Check out my video to see what it looks like!
The world is yours!

Version 1.5:
Infinite in all directions!
Infinite gooballs! (like before)
New music!

Check out my comedy channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/adimomoshow

Strange Road

How strange the road is!


Experimental Trickery!

Inspired by momo1526's "Pulley Up" idea... although it's nothing like that level.

Since then I've had a few more ideas of my own.

v0.2 - Better Spinner - New Signs
v0.3 - Mostly a few geometry tweaks
- Replaced the big Fire with a sticky out pipe, Moved a Sign
- Added a couple of particles and goo drips

v0.4 - New "feature" added about half way up
- New Util Ball - UtilNuker
- A couple of custom particle effects

This entire goomod was created automatically by WooGLE

Down & Out
Starting point

This is my first level, it was a bit of a pain to make, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Your aim is to build up to the sleeping goo and wake them, thus allowing you to build to the opposite side, wake the goo, and so on, all the way to the top. Sounds simple, but there’s a twist.
(If you fail to wake them, then you'll need to retry)

Comments and ratings are welcome.

Round the Arena
The Thing

My little work with sliders... Don't ask me what it is, I have no idea!

Infinitive Windows Freezer
Half-assed new screenshot

by XDboy

NEW! - GooTool(R) AdScience(tm) - Billboard flavor.
Infinite Goo wasn't enough, now this addin also features some awesome Advertising Idol billboards. And that doesn't mean just those of the contest.
Start your own World(of Goo)wide Ad-Campaign* today!
Although the Billboard Contest is over, you can still design and upload your own billboards to goofans.com and let the new GooTool Billboard Update function** flood your marketing messages into millions*** of games of valued customers. Please follow the guidelines of the recently closed Billboard Contest.

new, too: a Death Zone, Bone Goo Balls, labels up to 500m.

The Old Pc Tower

This is the 3rd level from GooGooAction's "WoG: Time for Real" mod - The Old Pc Tower. OCD is higher than in the original version. have fun

version 1.0.1 by thB

keep on running

It's the sequel of on the run.

This level wasn't build in one day,
it wasn't build at all, I would say it has grown by its own and it has grown big.
It may take 10 sec. to load.