Level Addins

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Zero G
Look! New Goo Balls: GlowProduct, like draggable GooProduct with eyes

The Goo Balls found a new planet...

And a new pipe system!

Help them explore it!

Rabid Maniac
Don't let his looks fool you. He's really mad.

In this level, we find ourselves confronted with a raving mad robot scientist of terror who has one goal: Our death! Can we stop him?

Deadly Slide

Both single player and muti player versions now available!
If you are on linux, get the multi player version for full experience (check download tab)! Check out how to enable mutimouse here.
My first level in a while now, I feel I can't make a level without innovating in a way... Enjoy!
OCD not yet defined, give me your opinions!

Get Down The Ugly

My 5th level!Have fun!Wink
Goal:40 balls
OCD:80 balls
Also, there are two secrets in this level!

0.6 Update:
Delete colorful balloon mod & change ending camera

Delivering Beauty

Deliver beauty to the pipe!It seems like a long way to go...
This level is based on Deliverance and Grape Vine Virus.

The Pipe Bugs

Is it a bug or is it a feature?... i really don't know Tongue

just try the level!

hope you enjoy! Smile

Being Soggy

Hey guys. I know no one remembers me, but I'm back. And I bring a whole new level! You have to know that in this level EVERY gooball is important. And if you think you can make that detachable wall technique, you're very wrong. The new gooballs in this level are used to make some ground out of them by throwing them in the water. They'll inhale and then you'll be able to build on them. Sounds easy? Well, give my level a try!

You Have To Avoid The Head
Begining of Level

This is a level based on You Have To Explode The Head. The challenge is building around the head. Enjoy.

Festive Feast

Its Christmas, and to celebrate, I’ve made a nice festive level for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy.

The stars have been abandoned in the box, and its your job to get them to the tree before Christmas day comes.

Feel free to post time & move scores as well as balls collected.

Here's a spoiler video showing what to do for max goo.

on the run

My first level.
ocd: 11 moves
Started editing last year. But I wasn´t able to make it stabil.
Than I lost it, found it, gave up and finaly rebuild it with the new editor.
Thanks to DaB. The utilgoo was my last problem with this level.
Special thanks to Jagoob for the music.
I hope you like it. Please vote.