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Electric Fragle's Halloween

I'm back!
The Halloween is over now,but I need to regret it.
Night balls CoolerCommon now is coming!It can light the dark!
Happy Halloween everyone!

Chroma World
Overview of the level

Chroma World

You find yourself in a colorful yet mysterious section in the Information SuperHighway. There is a recycle bin which may be highly unstable so break it at your own risk. This level will appear in chapter 4.

This level is demonstrating a new color changing trick that I found where you can make things change their color. If you guys want I will release the effect as a sample along with a tutorial of how to make/use it.

The song in the level is called RingRing by Kyle on soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/lordkos/ringring-full

decemberween tree
with new snow goo,s

hay there every one I just made a Decemberween level for my newer friends

New day in WoG Corp.

Welcome to world of goo corporation, we are testing our new product: "Cassettes"!


Also you can use images or cassettes in your mods, it's absolutly free idea.

Winter Tower

This is big custom level, with again a huge tower. This level i create by old version of Cog In The Machine.

Layout heaven

Explame how to use my graphics for making concept. Also check out the "res/images/Layout".
Пример использования моей графики для постройки концепта. Также посмотрите в "res/images/Layout".


The giant is very hungry.

Flight of the Gooballs
The start of the level, you'll have to see the rest for yourself ;)

This level (I think) is the first auto scroller level World of Goo has seen. In this level you must fly while avoiding obstacles in your path. I had the idea of this level for a while and started on it and left it sitting for quite a while. I decided to kill some time by finishing it. Feel free to take a look at how this level works. I'd love to see more auto scrollers because they are lots of fun to play.

The OCD is 3 moves. There are no additional gooballs to collect but don't lose any.

Music I used: Cloud Arcanine - Pokemon Black & White Legends

8 Ball
Starting the level

8 Ball in World Of Goo is here. Can you pocket all 15 balls while saving the 8 ball for last. Try to do it in as little moves as possible. Let me know what your high score is. (Or maybe I should call it low score since you want less moves.)

This level was made in about a day and a half. You can play with 2 people and take turns. The level will end in a game over this way and it won't be completed but you can still do 2 players.

Music: Disco Shmisco By Kenneth Young

Note: Widescreen is recommended for this level

Three-way bridge

My discord server: https://discord.gg/QJg7AA6

The second version of this add-on differs from the first in that the anchors in the second are friendly. The second version is in the archive