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Pokey in the Trees

Climb up the tree using Pokeys and Ivys. They're a fun combo to play with.

Hanging Down

The sequel for a level i submitted to a contest that isn't even finished. Woo!
(smol bit of spoilers for the contest)

Evening Tower
Background (main part of the level)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created a level for fun (and for my desktop background)!

OCD:20 balls (easy)

I hope you'll enjoy!

Thanks to SerafimGWS for his/her BlackPokey Gooballs Smile


Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

This is the exit of the factory (one of the possible exits) and goo want to escape it.
With the help of a bombsticky and 4 Fuse, the goos will free other goo who were trapped into some waste.

Balls needed to finish the level: 10
OCD: 75 balls

"Glowing Storm" (Challenging level)

Hello! i'm once again here uploading levels, for this one, i tried to make a really hard level, and i did it! (atleast i think so), this is a thwacking level, but since i suck at that there is one antigrav gooball

quick explanation of the 5 new gooballs in this level

1. "Energy Light": this gooball is just a blue light, but it is an antigrav goo, so this can really help you to beat this level
2. "Fuse Purple": just a fuse recolor mostly for aesthetics, but their strands burn really fast

Corroed Mechanism (pretty hard level)

Hello! i'm here again with another level, this time i won't explain the gooballs so you can go and discover they do!
please, read the signpost of the levels to understand the gooballs
there is also a hidden signpost in the level, good luck finding it
the music in this level is named "Unclear Helium" and it is composed by Adrian122, i'll leave links to the song and his souncloud account
v0.2: fixed a little bug of the sticky gooball getting stuck to a invisible geometry

Map Created in Floor Plan Creator
level profile.

soo... yeah... I have left this community in 2 months before (I think)

OCD: 13 Balls (this is my first level that has OCD)

0.1: the first version of the level (no song loop yet)

uhh there is a video about a problem (there is a wall on the right [thin wall]) if you misunderstanding what I talk, please turn on subtitles (but not the "auto-English". and you can go to the video menu or see here https://


World Of Goo GFX Tutorial Level #1

Hey, it's Volcanojungle!

Today i made a video to show you how to draw a nice ground for your level.

This is the level i made for the video Laughing out loud.

OCD is 20 balls.

Three Caves
starting :)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Today i show you a level that i had to remaster, so this is the original version Smile

OCD:13 balls

Outside the box

A simple level that requires you to think outside the box both literally and metaphorically.

Have fun.