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Entrance 10
Official cover Art

"Entrance 10" is the opening level and the third single level from my tenth chapter World Of Tangram Part 1: Color Citadel. The level itself is made very complexly. This is also the first level to be made for the chapter since all the levels are created according to the level listing. This is also the final level that I have released for the chapter.


This revolutionary level from a revolutionary chapter is programmed in a complex way.


"North" is a level to be included in my 2016 level archives.

Get Moving

Wow, its been a while since I published my last level (Up in the Sky) back in April. But anyways, here is an interesting level that I made that I'll bet you'll like. It involves building down to the pipe using fuse gooballs while a fire is approaching (pretty much like Super Fuse Challenge Time). Enjoy!

Wooden cave

This Is A Level Of World Of Goo Old Version
OCD 23 Or More Balls

Contiunous Windmill

The last time I released the fog Blue preview!
This level is created by me, the ball is provided by the Lihe, Blue also produced a lot of fog Lihe levels.
Do you know that the blue Ivy can be obtained in different ways?

Going Up To The Pipe!
This is It! Its with WOOgle

Hello This Is My First level so I hope everyone enjoys it!!!!!!

In the Furnace

My first level using a custom gooball of my own! I hope this level is ok, let me know if there's anything I can improve upon it in the comments section. Smile

Also, I might have gone a little overkill with the pictures but ok Tongue

Now version 1.1!
Changes: Pokey Fuse burning particles changed. That's it Tongue

Moon Unlocker
Hidden level

World of Goo, a Chinese version of the 1.5 error Goo.

This level was originally used to open the chapter 6: the moon, but 2DBoy did not make the sixth chapter, so there is this extra level.

This level is not how interesting, I made some change, but I will try to keep it original.

Sentimental Bridge

"Sentimental Bridge" is my 29th single level and second from my 2016 level archive. This level, along with "North", are parts of the cancelled N-E-L Trilogy that I came up last 2015 and they are the only levels made for the trilogy.

Jack comes to Goofans
The level

In this level you need to get jack on goo fans. I won't tell you how but here is a hint. The left side. That is all I will say