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Up in the Sky

Its a little adventure in the sky! Its kind of like the level "Flying Machine" but this one is longer and there are more obstacles. Keep alert for the things that could kill the gooballs and balloons!

Bug Repellent
Almost there!

This level LOOKS super easy. But it's really pretty hard. OCD is 5 balls! Try to beat it. Wink
My first level online!

Please leave a comment! Or rate it! Star

NEW version 1.1- changed OCD to 8 balls- thanks Jim2102! Smile

Sorry about the garlic. I'm not sure how to fix it Sad

Vertical Transportation Committee
The machinery might be unstable. Be careful!

The gooballs were in a shaft in an ancient factory.
The air was filled with smoke and pollution.
Help them escape! Wink

OCD is simply ridiculous. 16 balls.
Can you figure out the secret?

Swinging Light

This is a level from my new, upcoming chapter. It features a new cave-styled Goo which is featured in the second half of my chapter. One last thing is that the chapter could possibly have a level similar to my first addin, "Into Darkness". The level would use different Goo, and go by a different name, however.

The Invisible Maze
You can see why this is called

This is an old level which I made 1 year ago.
Hope you enjoy it Wink

Can You Reach High
Can You Reach High

A Level i made Could Goos Reach The Pipe?
I Guess?
Lets Try To Build a Tower Or a Flying tower Right?

Tower Of Lucky Goos
Tower Of Lucky Goos Edit

So Wait How Did We Came Here? For What?
I Think we Should Go Down I guess..

Beach Day

A level that I had some fun making, I hope you enjoy it!
Cheers to Gooey Goo for helping me figure out manual .goomod conversion as well as this: http://goofans.com/download/sample/how-make-goomod-level

Version 1.1 now has timebugs! They're rare though...

Long Way to Pipe

Erg more typos/grammatical errors but I'm not gonna go back and change them.

Anyway I'm not quite sure how good my levels are, I'd love some tips Tongue
I hope you enjoy this one! Smile

Tipping Blocks

A few tipsy blocks hold up your goo tower towards the pipe. I would really love some input, as I feel like I need it. Leave a comment on tips/suggestions please, I just want to know how to improve my levels.