Frequently Asked Questions - Technical Questions

Yes you can and it doesn't even take that long

Easy method: use the World of Goo Profile Renamer

Manual method:

Step 1: BACK UP YOUR pers2.dat file. Where is it? Look here:

You can also use the "Backup" button on GooTool's "Profile" tab, but I recommend taking a safety backup by hand as well.

Step 2: DECRYPT your pers2.dat file (GooTool -> Advanced menu -> Decrypt -> .bin (Windows/Linux).

Step 3: Edit the decrypted file. Search for your name and edit it. Note down the number of letters that you add or remove. For example, changing "davidc" to "wibblewob" is +3 characters. Changing "davidc" to "god" is -3 characters.

Step 4: Immediately before your name you'll find a (possible big) number. For example, mine reads "...mrpp1,09,profile_017024,davidc,31,372011...". Add or subtract the number of characters you changed in step 3. For example, changing "davidc" to "god", I'd change 17024 to 17021 because I removed 3 characters.

Step 5: Encrypt the file using the Advanced menu again. Save it on top of your old pers2.dat.

Load World of Goo and your name should be changed. If it failed or if you have lost your profile, restore from backup.

Hope that helps. I don't intend to add this to GooTool, for the same reason that I don't intend to add fullscreen preference to GooTool: I don't want to add anything that can amend a user's profile file (pers2.dat).


Try these steps in order:

  1. Make sure you're using the latest version of World of Goo (1.30). If you're not sure what version you have, just download and run the patch, it won't hurt anything. Note that, for a variety of good reasons, the demo version of the game is stuck at version 1.00.
  2. Download the latest, official video drivers from your manufacturer's website (not Windows Update). e.g. ATI, NVidia, Intel.
  3. Temporarily disable any anti-malware or firewall software. In particular, Threatfire and Look'n'stop are known to be buggy and interfere with World of Goo. In the case of Threatfire, you will need to actually uninstall it as disabling it is not enough.
  4. Try running the game and, as quickly as possible as it loads, press ALT+ENTER to force it into windowed mode.
  5. Try running the game and, as quickly as possible as it loads, press CTRL+SHIFT+ESCAPE to open the task manager. World of Goo should now be minimised on your task bar. Click on it to restore it.
  6. Try adjusting the refresh rate in C:\Program Files\WorldOfGoo\properties\config.txt to match one that is supported by your driver (although this problem should be fixed in recent World of Goo version).

The World of Goo in-game cursor is dynamic; the trail that it leaves depends on the current velocity of the mouse. This is simply not possible to reproduce using standard Windows/Mac static cursors.

However you can run this program to get the cursor on your desktop.

For info : the bug has been noticed on a computer featuring Windows XP pro sp2 and a nVidia 8600 GT 256 Mb graphic card.

It displays parasites on the screen (short horizontal lines appearing a disappearing quickly during the game).

The bug can appear after 1 or 2 minutes and continues under Windows, even if you close the game. You may have to restart the system to get rid of these lines.


To solve this problem, modify the "C:\Program Files\WorldOfGoo\properties\config.txt" file. In fact you just have to change the refreshrate value from 60 to 50.

Multiple mouse support is ONLY available in the Linux port and is NOT planned for Windows or Mac. Each player may control balls although only one can scroll the screen.

As an unsupported feature, the Linux version of World of Goo can be played with up to four players at a time, each using a separate mouse. In order to use this feature, edit config.txt and change the "manymouse" parameter value
from "false" to "true".

Furthermore, the mouse event devices for the mice to be used must be readable by the user running World of Goo. An easy way to set this up (assuming udev is used for the /dev filesystem) is to execute (as the root user):

  chmod a+r /dev/input/by-id/*event-mouse

Note that this change is not permanent (permissions are reset when the system is rebooted) and may compromise user privacy on multi-user systems.

Since version 1.41, World of Goo runs natively under 64-bit Linux. Simply visit the download link in your original purchase e-mail to download the latest version.

To access online functionality, to be seen in the leaderboards and to see clouds in the sky in the World of Goo Corporation, you will need to configure a proxy. Your proxy must be able to support HTTPS.

To do this you need to set environment variables. Microsoft has documentation on how to do this.

To specify a proxy, you need to set the environmental variable named "https_proxy" (or alternatively "all_proxy" if you want to use the same proxy server for all types of connections) to a string of the form "hostname:port" (e.g. "").

With GooTool 0.10.2 or later, you can find "Backup Profile" and "Restore Profile" buttons on the profile tab. This enables you to backup your profile to this site and then restore it later to any machine (including a different platform).

If those buttons are greyed out, first go to the Options tab and enter your username/password and click Login.

To do this manually, the profile is stored in a file called "pers2.dat". Check out the first section of this page for where this file is located on your computer.