Tears in my eyes

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Hello there.

I just want to say it's been a very long time since World of Goo came out. I grew up and became a student, life goes on and so on. But I still launch the game from time to time looking how my friends Alice and Bob are living, whats going on at goo fields and how high towers are building up.

It's my little world which can stay with me forever (and it will be), where the eternal sadness lives with happiness and joy. A lot of people who I'm talking about the game are just laughing like it's some sort of kid stupid 2d game, so I feel a little sad about this. So it's warm and pleasure feeling to know there is a place like this and people who understand the beauty of World of Goo. I want to say thank you for 2D Boy and you guys, I hope you all are doing well.

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awww I'm sad that people make fun of you because you like this game. Sad Glad to see you like it a lot. Have a nice day. Smile

Hey there

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Who laugh at you can't understand the meaning inside something.They may just enjoy the visual fantasy like Michael Bay,but can't read the meaning of movies such as Trainspotting.

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Just some peoples can not into art and beauty.