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pixelgooMon, 04/08/2013 - 18:2034.65m1,0668 hours 22 min
rainySat, 05/14/2011 - 20:0533.87m1,1212 days 8 hours
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Pipe Shooter

Fisty is back!

Try using Fisty, to spit goo-balls directly into the pipe.
Looks funny. Smile

Tip: Ugly product can stuck under Fisty. You can try to push them with air-goo.

Le Tour de Goo

Start position!


Goo balls decided to make a some competition between their. Oh, and of all the possible variants, they chose the cycling. So, they called this competition Tour de Goo!

I think level may seem a bit complicated. But don't worry. I'll be there.
- the Sign Painter

Sleeping Between the Worlds

Sleeping Beauty are sleeping on right

Hi, this is my first...
Okay, I won't start with this phrase Smile

In the Information Superhighway live only the pixels and bits goo. Electron clouds are flying, growing digital grass. But there is one place where the virtual world of goo intersects with the real world.

So, in this little level you can go there.

About level:

Required balls: 1
OCD: 16 or fewer movŠµs
Music: Yann Tiersen


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