World of Goo 2 story idea

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heyllooo it's Ml08180
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Got an idea! (I'm Pretty crap at this but I'll come up with ideas anyway)
Island one: The Goo Filled Clouds: The Goo Balls get beamed down from the UFO and are in the highest clouds, and the goo balls need to build DOWN to the ground where they find a new WoG Corp.
Island two: The Left Endless Fields: After coming down on the ground the goo balls find them selfs in the middle of nowhere, in the levels you need to build big bridges from one side of a giant gap to the other side.
Island three: The Goo Forest: Here you just build normaly in the first 2-3 levels then you meet a new species of goo, tree goo which can attach to trees and help the goo balls getting up over the trees to see where to go.
Island four: The Libary: You know that that chapter four in the first WoG is the INFOMATION highway, then The Libary could be that info thing, the goo balls go into a book (film) then you play with goo balls which are in fks. fairy tales!
Island five: The Goopedia: This could be the book they travel in with goo information, in the last level it's as easy as going up, but there is a sign painter that tells you everything about the first planet (The one your playing on in WoG 2) and how they got to the second planet (The one you play in Wog 1).
Also you need to be able to play WoG 1 in Wog 2 with your previous profiles...
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The last of the goo balls didn't seem to notice that Seb was planning being in the WoG 2 project...

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Story is already made by goomaster2000
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Yeah Seb, can you do something else?
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:tongue:nice try seb but (read my sig)
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not an thought about putting a monster to win at the end of each level
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but what to do with monster?
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