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World of Goo: Far Lands

World of Goo: Fard Lands!

For the promotion of the new 1.1 goomod format! Here it is!!! Far Lands is goomod!....
requirements: you need GooTool version 1.0.1 or later to play this mod!

Made by Hany, goomodded by Pavke and revised by thB (v1.0) and MOM4Evr (v1.1).


use your balls wisely

First and only level form FireBurstsCom. have fun playing

Creative Rescue

The Rescue of the Goo - a level mod for World Of Goo
English-only, translations welcome!

  • Level design: Nuno Rocha (xsonicx)
  • Graphics: Nuno Rocha
  • Music: Nuno Rocha

Thanks to all people, that play my levels.Visit http://worldofgoo.no.sapo.pt



Clever use of ball needed! Don't Run Out Of Goo!

Air Bridge


Very interesting and hard level. Try it!

level by GooSeiler

Micronde - A Gookies Level

Mmmmmm.... Gookies!

by Choc@piixBoy


No screenshot

Nail Hill

My second work

I really like silhouette style in this game ^w^
Quite easy this time but still enjoyable

I didn't experience any kind of crash in my wog except during development (of course!)
somehow i remove one pokey and that may be your trouble, hope not so

by kurosame

Air Tunnel

Blustery day + Fly away little one + Craziness = Air Tunnel

A little tricky to control balloons!!

I think it is somewhat hard (about chapter 4-5 difficulty)

By kurosame.

How to make a goomod level

ok so you just made a world of goo level. now it is time to make it into a goomod file.

first download and extract this samplegoo.zip.

then open gootool and make sure you have the latest version. once opened you can open the advanced menu bar and chose decrypt and then choose decrypt .bin file (Pc/linux)


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