How to make a goomod level

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ok so you just made a world of goo level. now it is time to make it into a goomod file.

first download and extract this

then open gootool and make sure you have the latest version. once opened you can open the advanced menu bar and chose decrypt and then choose decrypt .bin file (Pc/linux)

it will ask you where your level is navigate to world of goo then res then levels then open your level folder and select the .bin files. it will ask you where you want to save them and then navigate to the sample addin that you have just downloaded. then open compile then res then levels then enter the name of your level below the browser make sure that it is the same name that is in the world of goo directory. then click save.

once it is saved. then you can go to the override directory and keep opening the folders until there is none left. then create a folder that has the same name of your level and open it. then copy the images from your world of goo level directory. now if your level has sign posts read the section below if your level does not have signposts you can delete the merge directory and skip the section below.

open the merge directory then the properties directory then open the text.xml.xsl file with a text editor and follow the directions inside the file.

now open the addin.xml with a text editor. follow the directions inside that file. once done you can select all the files and zip the selected files. note you should select all the files and zip them, don't zip the directory itself. once the zip file is made, rename the .zip to .goomod

Yay! you're done!

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