New chapter updates... plus... a NEW trailer is coming out this month!

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Other than a glorious comeback, i am working on a large number of chapters:

World Of Goo 2- 10?/? levels (with gooey goo, Sampson, Jim2102, Deku, Starcastler)
TBA- 5/25 levels (my comeback chapter)
Untitles World Of Tangram chapter

I have released the first teaser level so go check it out!

Also, a new trailer for my chapter is coming out this month!

Nerdy Z is coming.

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Can't wait for the trailer! Also, World of Goo 2 is still active? I thought it was an abandoned project

I like to make Goo Mods that kick a**!

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I'm still hoping... tho...

EDIT: the moment i heard it was abandoned... awwww... but i still made music and hoping this project will be revived...

Nerdy Z is coming.

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There was an abandoned project (which was really cool) and there's a project that's going (but kind of at the rate at which I develop World of Goo 1/2: slowly and sparsely).

World of Goo 1/2 has over 11,000 downloads, what did you guys do?