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I'm WishLine - I use that persona on all my travels around the web.

I just thought I'd pop in and say hello as I just succeeded in building a WoG-C tower which reached the bottom of the monthly highest tower scoreboard.

It seems that I have adopted a style which works well, however I looked at...what's his name...Kamal's highest ever WoG tower, and he builds then differently.

Is there a sort of definitive list of tower building styles which people like me could refer to? Perhaps somebody very experienced could make one!

WishLine Smile
(Built a 30.9m tower, 11/12/09)

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Hello. good job on the tower! the highest I've ever got without cheating is around 12 meters. Sad

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if Pavke finds out about this, He's going to throw it away

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1. Qwerty, put all of it in one post from now on Wink
2. I don't think every body would like to say how they cheated, would you?

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I don't want to tell how, but it's fairly simple. iloveportal probably did what I did.

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There will be no discussion about cheating on the forum. Topic closed!

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