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Goo-d day everybody! I will be making a Playground for WoG, mostly inspired from the Sandbox mod. It will have generators for almost every ball in the game, including ones not in Sandbox, such as Pilot, EvilEye, SimCommon, Beauty and more!
It won't be out for a while, so i'd like to ask for some help.

Signs-I do what i need to do for em to work, but clicking them does nothing.
Camera-Setting it up looks complex and hard to understand.
OCD-Is there a way to set one?

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Hey GooHoo! Hopefully your sandbox won't be too big a feat for you. As for your questions...

Signs - Check your goomod. Sounds like it's missing the text.xml. To do that, just rename the goomod into a zip. If it is missing, I recommend you to look at another goomod with working signs. If you need a refresher on how to add signs, follow the following: There's a button at the top that's labelled "Add text resource". Click that. Alternatively, you can go to the text tab, right-click the "strings" element, and select "add string". Once you've added you string, add a sign. Go to the "Text" attribute and select the id of your desired string. Be sure to give the sign a name too.

Camera - The camera isn't too difficult to work with. First, click the "Show/Hide camera" button, so you can see the camera screens. For reference, "traveltime" is the amount of seconds it takes to move from the last poi to the selected poi, pause is how long the camera stays at the poi, and zoom is how zoomed in the poi is (note that zoom accepts decimal values. For example, values less than 1 but greater than 0 will zoom the camera out). The dark poi will be used for the end screen, but same things apply (save for traveltime, as that doesn't matter)

OCD - OCD is pretty easy. Simply go to the addin tab, then go to levels/level/ocd. You can either do "balls,#" "moves,#" or "time,#" where # is the number you want.

If you still need more help, I recommend going here. The reference guide is also quite useful.

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Thank you! Everything works now.