Jingle Balls-- "Fatal Error"

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Ok, so I downloaded the GooTool and Jingle Balls.

The version of WoG I actually OWN is on my Wii-- so to use Jingle Balls, I just downloaded the demo and used the demo as my WorldOfGoo.exe. But when the loading screen for Jingle Balls comes up, you know, "goo balls roasting on an open fire", it just stays there. At first I thought it was just loading, but after 10 minutes I opened my task manager to figure out what was up, and I saw a "fatal error". I closed that and World of Goo exited.

This happens every time I run it-- is it related to the fact that I'm running it off of the demo, or is there something else I should know about?


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Most custom levels will almost certainly won't work with the demo version, since it'll be missing a lot of the resources they use.

I'll add a warning to GooTool if the user is using a demo version.