cant install Challenge Levels

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gootool works with installing other levels but when i try to install this one i get

/tmp/Challenge not found

after that

Levels-2.goomod not found

im playing on linux, anyone knows how to fix this? these levels must be fun to play, i wanna try them too. please help

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It;s probably forward/backward slash problem. I'll take a look and see what I can find...

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It's almost certainly a "space in the filename" thing...

The file is called "Challenge Levels.goomod"
Looks like Gootool is interpretting it as 2 files... because of the space.

Download the file, SAVE it on your system, then rename it without the space.
Then try to open it.


{Have also dropped a message to inwog asking him to rename without spaces}

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DaB, I reply your message from my addin Challenge Levels, all of my addin's file names are completely have no spaces. Now, I think my addins can be installed in Linux. Wink


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Try it. Let's check to make sure this was the problem.

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it should work...


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