Road Blocks Bug?

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At the left side of the screen, upper platform. A goo dropped next to this edge becomes permanently stuck. The cursor shows the 4 black activation marks (i.e. the goo is there) but no amount of coaxing (multiple clicking, click and move etc) will shift the blighter. Can be worked round by blocking access to the pit, but seems odd when the right side equivalent pit spits out dropped goos. I'm on version 1.3, PC version. I was prising off the last of the black goos from the initial structure and found the edge of the screen was one solution only to lose out to the pit.

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Yeah it's a game bug... not much you can do but restart and make sure that all the black goos are there.

As a side, it happens because you are actually dropping the goo into the middle of a large rectangle which has a tag to stop goos from walking past it. The engine freaks out because it tries to spit the goo out, but the left is blocked by a wall, and the right is too far away for it to handle.