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MattOG hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Based on momo1526's version of MattOG's sandbox.

This map has:

  • A zero-gravity zone
  • A venus zone
  • Gooball spawners by momo1526
  • HyperTube
  • Golden gooballs by MattOG
  • Lemon gooballs by momo1526
  • A pool
  • That thing from "Tumbler" level
  • That thing from "The server farm" level
  • That hand thing from the last level of Chapter 2
  • Pretty much every type of gooball
  • And not much more!
  • If momo1526/MattOG wants this to be removed, I will remove it.

    The Albino Pokey Goo Ball Library

    Albino Pokey!

    This is currently a beta version, just so that people can see it. All it does is add some new Goo Balls which can be used in levels.

    It includes:

    • Glow
    • Glow Product
    • Gold
    • Evil
    • Inferno
    • UtilEarthquake
    • Helium
    • Ice

    Sandbox : NO LIMITS!

    Based on MattOG's sandbox but you can have as much goo as your heart desires with gooball and block dispensers and awsome added features:

    • Zero Gravity (Instead of Anti-Gravity) +Goo Spaceship
    • Venus!
    • Conveyor Belt
    • More Water
    • Bin! (or for Americans: Trash can)
    • Lemon gooballs
    • RectHead, Fuse and Bit dispensers
    • Ball buster and detacher gears
    • fire

    Check out screenshots! (I didn't change the video)
    Please Check out my other addins here!


    Anti Gravity Bridge Supports

    Imagine if the WoG corporation had more types of goo, and there was more to it then simply 'build up'. Well, now you don't need to imagine.

    A Bigger... Better.. WoG Corporation.


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