Addin.xml parse / processing problem

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Showed up here....

Specifically... In addin.xml (complete file given below)
If the level subtitle element's text attribute contains " GooTool fails to process the file correctly and gives error messages for levels processed after this.

May also apply to other elements / attibutes.

Per my post in that "thread"...
The both WooGLE and the game can handle " in text resources... but it appears GooTool has some problem when processing addin.xml

<!-- Created by WooGLE v0.74 (Beta) -->
<addin spec-version="1.1">
<description>See how many goo balls you can get before burning man creams you.</description>
<name text="BurningManRevenge" />
<subtitle text="&quot;Block Head&quot;" />
<ocd />

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An interesting "quirk" has now shown up too...

If you enter &quot; into the box in WooGLE
This gets converted to &amp;quot; in the addin.xml file
GooTool then "mis-processes" the &amp; back to & and puts &quot; in the text.xml
So it's fine!

Anyone who knows HTML will know how difficult that was to type, and get it come out right! Wink