GooTool : Doesn't reload goomods for subsequent save actions.

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If not a "Bug" then certainly Annoying Behaviour.

GooTool seems to cache goomod data at some point. load / save / not sure

If you're testing / tweaking a goomod, install the add=in click Save... test it..

Then change / fix something in the goomod file while GooTool is running, and click save again.. it looks like the changes you made didn't work...
Actually it seems GooTool is applying the "old" version of the goomod again.

GooTool must be restarted to "refresh" the goomod data.

Not a common problem, but it caught me out the other day, and it's just had Pavke running in circles for about an hour....

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GooTool makes a copy of your goomod when you install it (currently it copies it into the \addins directory), so whatever's in that directory is what gets installed. It doesn't cache anything in-memory.

The reason behind this is quite simple, consider the case of installing directly from the web. The goomod is briefly in your temp directory and if not copied elsewhere, would vanish very quickly.


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Actually I'm talking about tweaking the one that's in add-in folder... then clicking save again...
Sorry if that wasn't clear...

Just tried again and it seems fine, but I definitely had something like this the other day... and restarting GooTool sorted it. And the same seemed to solve Pavke's problem this morning.. Puzzled

Hmm... will investigate further...

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So to be clear, you're editing a goomod file directly inside the \addins directory?

Well, definitely reloading GooTool will cause it to reload that. But I don't think it caches anything anywhere anyway in memory, so it shouldn't matter if you edit files in that directory while GooTool is running (disclaimer: I don't recommend this, because GooTool is getting much smarter in the next version about caching things, to make rebuilding faster).