no profile save - no progress... sad

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Hello guys,
When I first looked around the World of Goo I felt in love at first sight Smile
Never played this kind of games before, I have been very surprised of quality and overall awesomeness of indie games. So it's even more sad I must report a bug or fatal error or how you wanna call it. I start the game, create new profile and progress through campaign with no problems. But problems started when I quit game, restart it and want continue where I end it -> there is no profile at all so I must start all over again! I searched for my profile file (pers2.dat), but cannot find it. It seems this file doesn't exist because game simply didn't create it in the first place >:l.
I feel ashamed but I must admit I didn't buy your game, I downloaded it via torrent (you know, poor student...), so it could be obvious reason for this malfunctioning... BUT I promise when I get enough cash on my bank account I'll make a donation or maybe even buy this great piece of game-art!!!

With respect,

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Try searching the official 2D Boy support forum (find it here). This issue was discussed a few months ago. Cool pic btw, used to play that game excessively. Wink

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Thank you for quick answer!
I downloaded 1.30 patch and it seems to solve the problem. Thank you again for providing me a link. And about that orc peon, you know, oldie but goldie Laughing out loud