New colored Goo balls and objects

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Hi !

I'm Dj Paragon from Switzerland !
Well, I wanted to share my colored Goo balls with the community, so here I am. This replaces the basic black Gooballs like they are on the first level of the first chapter, the albino Goo balls, and some other stuff (see the picture below). There are a lot of Goo balls variation during the game, so you will not always see the new ones.

This is the goomod for Goo Corporation only (install it with GooTool) -->

The mods will replace some balls files, so don't forget to do a safe backup

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Goomod version 1.4 with more modifications :

Unzip and install it with GooTool.

I hope you will like it ! Thanks.

Dj Paragon.

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I created some cool goo ball mods too.

The first is pretty simple and changes the World of Goo Corp Balls blue:

The second puts neat stripes on all the regular goo balls:

The last turns all the ivy goo balls into spider goo balls:

Hope you like them! Tongue

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Hi guys,
Your mods are up on the download page now.


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How i create a .goomod extension?

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How i can create a ".goomod" extension?

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it is a zip file, so winzip or winrar or any other app that can create a zip file. Then just rename it to goomod.

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ya pretty much

I created a goomod sample (go to samples section) that turns the WoG corporation balls green. It's just an example on how to change the look of the WoG corporation balls.