New guy here

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Joined: 12/23/2010

Hi, I'm new here. About a week or so ago I finished World of Goo and found this website. I downloaded GooTool and had a go at WooGLE. Using tips from Enchanter49's tutorial and the video one I made a simple level, and although I didn't upload it (or else there'd be heaps wouldn't there?) I was impressed by the editor's ease of use and flexibility. So now I made another level, Beauty In Cyberspace, which is currently waiting to be published. To be honest I find this personally-omitted way of publishing a bit strange, but hey, it couldn't really be safer.

Anyway, I just thought I'd introduce myself here as I'm hoping to become and regular member and, if I'm lucky, make a lasting contribution to GooFans. Although, due to the Christmas holidays, I probably won't be around too frequently for a while.

Have a goo-d day!Big smile