Video Tutorial for Chapter Making in World of Goo

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At long last, the video tutorial for how to make a chapter in World of Goo is at last complete! It took me a while, but I finally managed to get it done. I actually recorded all the footage back on May 20th, but I didn't continue working on the tutorial until a couple days ago. It's actually the first tutorial I've ever done. It's not perfect, but I did the best I could. I split them up into three parts as well. Part 1 shows how to make the map. Part 2 shows how to create the XSL worksheet, text resources document, and what to edit in addin.xml. Part 3 shows where to put custom images, balls, etc at in your chapter, how to decrypt all of your chapter's files, and putting things together to be ready to upload it to Goofans.

Well, here is the tutorial! I hope you like them and hopefully they'll help you!

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Good tutorial,Googuy57! - Cool

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