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Hey guys. So I've been uploading a lot of videos on YouTube and posting them on Goofans, so I thought it would be cool to do a YouTube business thing.

So this is how it works. You make a request for a video on a level here, then wait a day or two. The reason why is cos I'm busy with school and stuff, then the video takes like 2-3 hours to render, then only 5 min to upload to YouTube Wink

I'm a good player at WoG so don't think that I'm going to act like a noob in the video Smile. I suck at goo whacking but I'm still trying to do it, so I may get better soon Wink

I can play most levels on this site with OCD, but there's some I cant. I can't finish thB's level Hazardous Environment. That's my WoG difficulty.

Anyway here's my channel:

I'll do any level for ya Wink Oh and don't forget to like and subscribe! Laughing out loud

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try to get OCD on all the Mystify Collision World levels. Smile

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@Crazy Pony. Mygod already has a video on MCW with OCD Smile

See it here: https://

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try to get ocd on my new level >:)