[WooGLE] images with non-ascii character on their paths

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If you try to import an image with WooGLE with a non-ascii character (like "é") on its path, you got an error. To fix this bug, you just have to replace, on the line 2783 of wogeditor.py :

safefiles.append( os.path.normpath(str(file)))

By :

safefiles.append( os.path.normpath(unicode(file)))

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OK, I'll look at it....

One thing... does the game support non-ascii characters in paths?
None of the original files had any, and I've never tried it....

OK Done some checking..
Bug fixed for next release of WooGLE (and WooBLE)
The game seems OK with é and É (and similar) in resource names and file paths.
But GooTool isn't... (raised it with davidc, posted in GooTool Bugs and Suggestions)

So even with WooGLE fixed, you still won't be able to release levels using files with non-ascii chars... (yet)..
So probably best if you don't use them...

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Ok, thanks. To support the music and the sound, you have to do the same replacement on the lines 2686 and 2724 (for WooGLE).

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This was marked "will not fix" in GooTool. It's precarious enough getting filenames working cross-platform without having to worry about the user's filesystem's codepage as well.