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Dear moderators and davidc, I have created a website on that is about this website. This means that I just did a kind thing for you. I made a website that advertises yours. If you would like me to remove this website, just tell me. If you want me to keep it, just tell me. I think this would be great for goofans since this website does not advertise and is a famous website.


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good idea...
but, hmmm, i dunno :/

oh well, good job

TM13's View of the World of Goo: PART 1 is now out!

Im currently playing Minecraft. Thanks James for putting me into the craze! Laughing out loud

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Nalar, where the link to your website?

Spongebob rulez too Crown Crown Crown Crown


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Here is my Goofans reference site

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For one thing, it says that you are gonna give World Of Goo for free to anyone who asks. :s Is that a good thing to put up copys of world of goo that 2DBOY worked hard on to earn money? You may want to take that part down. A sign or banner that says "Goofans" would be enough for me.

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Yeah, you're right. I was thinking about that. I will just take that down.