Endonmessage Condition Problem

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Hi guys, we have a little question to you
Our signpost has id = TEXT_LEVEL1_STR1
and the endonmessage condition asks for a only one value, an id!
We have set that id at the same of signpost -> TEXT_LEVEL1_STR1
but the level doesn't end when we read the signpost.
We read the signpost but the level continues normally.
How can we do it?

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Do you plan for the sign to have any text? Because if not, you could try using a button instead.

EDIT: I think the id has to be a message (see deliverance and MOM)

I made goomods.

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Unluckily e haven't found a soluction, so we have decided to upload the goofans file in the following links:

-> GOOMOD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3cffauc74h1k47p/com.goofans.ENDONMESSAGE.g...

-> FOLDER: http://www.mediafire.com/file/enje9ki8bxzpqkx/Endonmessage.rar

Please try to fix it cause we want a end reading a signpost. We know how is simply to create a button and put the onclick condition set to 'showmom', but this isn't our little idea Smile

We thank you for your help, always smart Star

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