MD5 values

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Does anyone know of a listing of md5 values (or some other such) for the WoG packages and installers?

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Or even calculate it for me from your own file? I'm using the debian package for version 1.41

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David provided it on the IRC channel. In case anyone else ever comes looking it's:

40284edafb8e9fafbf2df4dc16e067a9 WorldOfGooSetup.1.41.deb

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b8587807708ab37c78251fb6bd21e6f9  WorldOfGoo.1.30.dmg
336d89eb431e0b00535a2b50146c579d  WorldOfGooSetup.1.30.exe
40284edafb8e9fafbf2df4dc16e067a9  WorldOfGooSetup.1.41.deb
52bcb3fc839b8714b4a41aa4972fb8be  WorldOfGooSetup.1.41.rpm
f5afa40893d0fbcc37885191404f6d8c  WorldOfGooSetup.1.41.tar.gz