Switch Version won't start?

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I just purchased the Nintendo Switch Version of world of goo from the eShop. The game downloads and installs. When i start the game i get to the main menu where it says world of goo and there is an arrow on the circle at around 2 o'clock position. In the bottom right there is a music icon, a list and something that looks like people.

The problem, no matter what button i press on the main menu, i can't get the game to start. Am i doing something wrong?

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oh this is such garbage. i can't play with the controllers connected, they have to be disconnected. Are you kidding me. now i want my money back -.- or at least bloody add that to the description. -.- This should have been closer to the PC or iOS version. Not motion controlled garbage that doesn't let me use regular analog and buttons -.-

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Before I say anything...

puggsoy wrote:

2. No swearing.

This means no cursing, cussing, or generally saying "bad" words. Even if it isn't intended offensively, such as for exaggeration, swearing is not acceptable. Although using asterisks (*) instead isn't as bad, you shouldn't do that either.

Also, how is not having the controller attached something difficult to use? I find it easier to play with a wireless mouse than a trackpad on the PC if you catch my drift.

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Please try to not swear, we try to keep these forums as friendly as possible

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