Can't install on iPhone 3GS

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Hi everyone,

I bought this app on release day but only updated my 3GS to OS4 recently. When I try to apply this app, I get this message "This app wasn't installed because it's not compatible with this iPhone".

Can anybody please help me ?

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Sorry for late replay hotwells, not many of us have iDevices.

Have you contacted Apple support? Game should be playable on 3GS and 4G devices, dunno whats wrong... Do you have latest 4.3.3 OS or is your iPhone somehow different, like unlocked?

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Hi Pavke,

First of all, thanks for taking the time to try to help me.

Yes, I've contacted Aple Support but they haven't been very helpful...

For some reason iTunes doesn't allow me to download 4.3.3 OS, it says my version 4.2.1 is the latest (it should be enough to run WoG though).

My iPhone isn't jailbroken if that's what you meant.

I'll try to re-install iTunes as suggested by someone on another forum.

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Really sorry to hear that, although Apple service is really bad...

There is on more thing you can do but it isn't pleasant.

You could try restoring you iPhone to original settings. I know it is pain but it might help

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