How to play in French?

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i just download the game on epic store and i would like to play in french...
Can you help me?

( i saw on the web to edit the config.txt and change


but in my repertory,i only have a "config.template.ini"...

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param name="language" value="en"/
param name="language" value="fr"/

it doesnt work

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If config doesn't work, I would just replace the "text" with the "fr" strings (copy the French text over the English text).

The epic games version is incompatible with a lot of things (specifically gootool), so I want to get a closer look at it. However, the epic games version is no longer free.

I made goomods.

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sorry...i dont understand what you explain...

on the web,they say to edit the "config.txt" in the properties....
but i only have a "config.template.ini"....can i edit it?

in the config.template.ini,i see this:
(Adjust the language.
; Leave unset to use your system setting.
; Valid language codes: en, es, fr, de, it, nl, pl, hu, ko, cn, jp

; language = fr)

( i change en by fr.....but it doesnt work)

it doesnt look like the "param name="language" value="fr"

and yes,i had the game on the epic store when it was free

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Remove the semicolon before it


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oh yes!
it works!!
thank you very much !
Wink Smile