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8 Ball
Starting the level

8 Ball in World Of Goo is here. Can you pocket all 15 balls while saving the 8 ball for last. Try to do it in as little moves as possible. Let me know what your high score is. (Or maybe I should call it low score since you want less moves.)

This level was made in about a day and a half. You can play with 2 people and take turns. The level will end in a game over this way and it won't be completed but you can still do 2 players.

Music: Disco Shmisco By Kenneth Young

Note: Widescreen is recommended for this level

??? - level


A balloon

Hot air balloons and balloon brushed! My Gom left letters.

A big FALL

How to destroy a construction with no spikes or gears?

It might be easy with a little help of the Sign Painter.

It's my 29th level published at GooFans!

A Bombing Way
Woogle design

Designed by World of Gooballs. It's a long way and you must explode some geometrys. Have fun!

OCD: 57 balls.
Goal: 27 balls.

Version 0.1:
1.The first version.

Version 0.2:
1.Little change: ocd, and goal.

A Far, Long Way

"A Far, Long Way" is my 13th single level and second from the chapter The Red Mist.

.SlipKnoT._2_2 Levels Chronology

"Rotary Club"|"A Far, Long Way"|"KnoT For Long"
A Large Collection
A Large Collection

My Second level!Do you like?

A Miniature Adventure
Waking goo

Build up and up to the skies with the mini gooballs from MOM's Computer! Who knows what they will find up there?

OCD set at 16 gooballs for now. Suggestions on whether to change it (and what to change it to) are appreciated.

This should be quite challenging. I personally found it difficult to complete so I have no clue how difficult others will find it to be.

A Present from AP

The password to the internal 7Z will appear on Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!

EDIT: The password is "aditus" without quotes.

I wanted to post this to show that the Goofans Game isn't necessarily dead, despite the long silence. After Red and Howitz left I eventually had a breakthrough with Box2D, and now there's a basic platform game set up. Try playing with the XML files.

A tricky first level
The structure nearly over the edge.

My first level using ExchangeGOOtent's knowledge of world of goo. The pixel structure is too heavy for the Evil Eye...if only some pixels would die. There is a 50% chance that the pipe won't suck onto the pixel structure Sad