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Chapter 4
The Pipe...

Yeah, I'm not going in order but anyways here is Chapter 4. Chapter 5 will be next. 100 goos for the requirement and 125 for the OCD.

Edit: Beta version is now out.

Chapter 5
The fish...

This is the final chapter! (Yeah I know I skipped 2 and 3 but...yeah...) OCD is 1 minute. I got 59 seconds. Have Fun! The Fish are detachable. This goomod was made using an old version of wogeditor so I could use the Fish goo (version 071)


Fish goo are balloons for now...

Cheeky balls

My second skill level. All is up to your luck! For me it always failed.

If you think there are just some ivies to get to the pipe and nothing else then try by yourself...

This level I made by thinking something hard like "Skill of confusition" and think out something more harder!

Before you start I'll give you a clue - NOT ALL the balls are ivies!

If you find out what is going on then you CAN tell others so they would know what is going on there.

If you can't even finish this level DO NOT try to get OCD...

And remember - this level is not impossible...

Cheese Balls

Makes common balls look like cheese.

Christmas level pack
Snowy weathers

I didn't make this for fun.
I made this because I needed to.
(Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Party)

Christmas Of Goo

EDIT: Soon, Christmas of Goo will become a REAL level... Bigger, harder and better. Wait for it! Probably tomorrow it'll be finished, Smile.

My first ever level! Laughing out loud
Ok, so goo balls are trapped in a cave during X-Mas, and they wanna enjoy. So help them get out through the pipe. Simple.

OCD: 14 balls (easy)
Balls to pass: 4 balls

I got the background from PSD Graphics (

Christmas of Goo

A smallish mod that changes the World of Goo to be Christmas'y.
Except the Bones thought it was Halloween. And the Uglys failed at eyeliner.
The Beautys are looking beautiful with their mascara and eyeliner.
The Bomb Stickys... they wanted to be stars... but apparently they meant movie stars...
And the Ivys... well it looks like they have the Chicken Pocks.

I hope you like this mod.

Merry Christmas!

and a happy new year...



Chrome mod

Fairly good chrome...could be slightly more reflective...but ill fix that in a later version.

classic gooballs

this ONLY changes the water and the balloon

@DaB, the file that makes the balloon NOT rotate is in a MERGE folder

thanks, TM13


it now changes the Albinoes

Clean The Danger

This is my sixth level.
I hope you will like it.
Sorry,I'm a Chinese,my English is not very good.