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Below The Bellow

This is the 5th level for a mod I'm working on, I liked this level so I decided to upload it here.


Hello! After Blue Haze, Lihe and I had a bigger plan. The new chapter is tentatively named The sun and The hell. There is a single level, which is made by Lihe, and I perfected it. It demonstrates a lucky box, a fan, and a ball that moves in the opposite direction.
If you have any good ideas, please reply below. Thank you!


0001x8 is a single level from The Red Parallel Universe.
I'd like to make sure that i would create new material every once in a while.

This isn't like any other level i produce. This one is very different. It has its own music called "Leprosies".

Little Goo Long Adventure
Level 88

It's been such a looooooooong time since my last level!
And I finally make this level pack out!
(It should be a chapter, but I have no time to finish the videos and the chapter map, sorry...)

This pack tells an adventure about the goo ball which dropped from the telescope.
You will face some familiar and some unfamiliar levels( also a level that can make everyone crazy:) )
Can you help it?

Hop you like these 9 levels!

The Red Parallel Universe

The Red Parallel Universe is my twelfth chapter. The complete release was out on April 9, 2018 with cutscenes and everything else.
It is a part of a very big map world view I'm developing right now.
BTW, the chapter includes a ton of new music!
Chapter 2 and 3 are on the way!

AND, the official OST can be listened here.

Single Levels:
Released: April 1, 2018.

This chapter surpassed the downloads of the previous one, Black and White 2.
As of September 2018, this is now a sequel to The Red Mist.

Junk File
in the chapter 1

There are three kinds of gooballs in this level from mygom, copcap and wogfan and This is my first level,welcome to play;D

World of Goo Module Manager [GooTool for Android (G4A)]
GooTool for Android logo.

World of Goo Module Manager

World of Goo Module Manager [aka GooTool for Android(G4A)] is a utility based on GooTool that you can use to install mods on the Android version of World of Goo.

How To Use

Simple, install G4A and open it.

Click the "Add" button and select an goomod file to add.

Check the mod's checkbox.Don't forget click the "Order Change" button.

Then click the "Save" button and wait.

After waiting for the progress bar,click the "Install" button to install the modded game.

Help me to develop this app

MOM's Computer
Shotrcut to MOM

MOM's Computer

Rewrite this level with HTML5,compile with nw.js.
MOM is copied from goofans & mygod.

How to play

Drag the goo balls to reach the 'Shortcut to MOM' icon.

Changes log[2018/5/24]
Inital version.


Because file upload limit,I upload files to Github.
Please download txt file in goofans,too.Thanks.

Climbing Up
The Level

Climb Up Using These Lantern Gooballs!

Music Park
The piano in the center.

gooey goo suggested a music themed level, and why not a [music] park? (this is from Mario Kart)

The goal is to get the new "mushroom" goo ball into the pipe! (mushroom only) There is another new goo ball, attachable_uglyproduct which is to protect from one of the pillars with the flame, then destroy the door with mushrooms, and head to the pipe!

OCD is 17 moves. If you can study about the new goo balls, good for you! Smile

Oh, and piece of trivia, the mushroom goo ball's color changes depending on it's state.