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Songbird Tower ♪

Pink birds!

It was raining hard while I was making this.
Anyway, this is the 3rd before the last 2 towers, then the levelpack, then the chapter!

It has a feathery feel to it.

There's also a surprise when you finish the level. Wink

I challenge gooey goo to get 2 moves on this level. (or anyone who tries it, just tell me in the comments) Wink

Change log:
1.1 - Fixed the annoying falling bird so that it's much easier to finish the level. (but not for the 2 moves challenge, sorry Wink)

Misty's Long Foggy Road

Time to take a break for the Tower Series!

This shows you can make a level with fog that gets thicker and thicker. Wink

Machine Tower will come a few days later.

This will be below Hang Low. For people with new saves, it will unlock after completing Small Divide.

The resource glitch was fixed.

Inversion Version (Were-Black) Level Pack

Inversion Version (Were-Black) is a single level and a level pack to promote my upcoming 2 or 4-part chapter Black and White 2. This pack is a very unique pack that incorporates my original level concepts. That includes moving background and bizarre images that is reminiscent to Distortion's design...


Inversion Version (Were-Black)

This level is the most unique in the level pack. It incorporates with tiled images. Tronix 51 is a new song that is played in the level

Flipsy Don't Die
Lush Woods

This chapter ROCKS!

This chapter is the very first I uploaded to goofans.
The ones with hyperlinks are here, whilst some don't.
Also, please uninstall EVERY SINGLE version of the levels in GooTool.

It contains:
Lush Tower
Honeybee Tower
Citrus Tower
Barbershop Tower
Machine Tower
Donut Tower

The Yosemite Travel

Why go near the mountain when you can climb it!
These gooballs want to explore the depths of yosemite!

Spheres And Cubes
The level

This Level Introduces A New Gooball To Wog Called The Ballhead Goo It Can Be Dragged But It Has No Strands. If You Are Gooey Goo Please Use This Level In Your WOG 1/2 Chapter 3.

World of Goo: Lost in Paradise
Lost In Paradise


Sorry, this goomod is temporarily offline since it is getting remastered because the old version looks terrible... stay tuned for the remastered version!

90% Finished!
Teaser Images Added
Trailer coming soon!

Egging Up

This is basically slightly modified version of going up...with a simple catch. You'll see what I mean.

This kind of explains the level, so if you don't really want to know what the catch is, then don't read ahead. Okay? Cool.

I put this as a sample level, as its a way to use thin geometry as an gimmick to the level. In this case, there's a thin gap between the ground and the ballbuster part. This is why when you drop an egg from a certain height, it'll "crack". That's really it.

left logo

anyware you go is left

WoG: Other Lands Chapter 2 Preview!
Coming Soon...

For those of you wanting to see Chapter 2 of WoG: Other Lands (, I've decided to post a preview of my new chapter! Which will have:
- Custom Music (made by moi)
- Custom Gooballs (I'm planning to make 2 or 3)
- More stages (Like 11 or 12)
- Harder Challenges

Chapter 2 Trailer:

See ya'll soon! Smile