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Map Created in Floor Plan Creator
level profile.

soo... yeah... I have left this community in 2 months before (I think)

OCD: 13 Balls (this is my first level that has OCD)

0.1: the first version of the level (no song loop yet)

uhh there is a video about a problem (there is a wall on the right [thin wall]) if you misunderstanding what I talk, please turn on subtitles (but not the "auto-English". and you can go to the video menu or see here https://


To the End of the Time
How it looks in the game

The level, that is impossible because it can crash your game in the process. Try it out, if you dare Evil

Really, there is notihng evil. It is just a long level with duration of about 70 years which is supposed to crash your game by overflowing time variable. Nothing special.

World Of Goo GFX Tutorial Level #1

Hey, it's Volcanojungle!

Today i made a video to show you how to draw a nice ground for your level.

This is the level i made for the video Laughing out loud.

OCD is 20 balls.

Three Caves
starting :)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Today i show you a level that i had to remaster, so this is the original version Smile

OCD:13 balls

Outside the box

A simple level that requires you to think outside the box both literally and metaphorically.

Have fun.

Main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Today I made a level for Miruku Laughing out loud

It's very simple but the OCD is pretty hard (no lol)

OCD: 23 moves

Jelly Cave
starting :)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Today i present one of the levels you will find in my next mod!!

I hope you will enjoy this level!

OCD:6 balls

Special thanks to:

SerafimGWS for the SeaGrass
APerson (luckygoo) for the jelly
and GFX SOunds for the underwater loop Laughing out loud

v1.15: bug fixed

Into the Lab

Hello! It's Volcanojungle!

Today, I made a level that uses the music that APerson (Lucky Goo) just made!

I also use the Digital Goos from WoG 1/2 so, yes GOoey Goo i'm crediting you Laughing out loud

OCD: 24 balls

I hope you will enjoy this level Laughing out loud

Out of the Depths

Finally got out another level. This ones been in the works for sometime but due to midterms, school, and everything else in my personal life, I never found myself getting motivation to finish. Hope to get more levels out now that I am on Christmas Vacation for 3 weeks Wink

This is the first time I tried making an "art" level. I got some inspiration from fan2 who is also a fantastic art level creator. I am super impressed how well this turned out. Definitely my best level to date Smile


Hello everyone! Welcome to my new level, where you will encounter two unusual mushrooms. Enjoy your passage! Smile