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Bit Madness

Hello everyone, this is my first uploaded level! I hope you will enjoy it! This level will be updated soon!


Version 1.0 - Initial Release
- Level was released

Version 1.1 - Issue Fix
- Balls required to complete value is changed from 1 to 7.
- Fixed issue with awakened Pixel goo.

You still can download previous version!

Bits of Paper

A simple level that requires you to perform wall jumps. What is a wall jump, WOG-wise? It is simply a bit jumping off of a wall to gain more distance. To perform one, launch a bit and launch it again when it touches a wall. (Note: you have a small window to perform a wall jump)

This level is possible, Iodine-127 and I have both beaten the level.

Black and White

Black and White is my second chapter. It is also the first chapter I have created with gg. It has 12 levels and a hidden level called “Eeyore” that later appeared on Woody Mountain. This chapter went down once because the name of the intro level “Going Down” was already taken by another addin author and twice when the intro level again crashed. It is the first chapter to be moderated by MoM4Evr.

Single levels

“From The Void”

“The Noir Bomb”

Idea of the chapter

Black and White 2

Black and White 2 is my eleventh chapter, released on my original account and on Lzzy Wuzzy. It is the sequel to my second chapter, Black and White, which was released on 2014. This is my first chapter since 2016’s World of Tangram Part 1: Color Citadel. Levels in this chapter are more difficult than the previous chapters i released except World of Tangram, which in my opinion is my hardest and most difficult chapter I have released throughout my entire Goofans tenure. A single level and a level pack was released in support of this chapter.

Black chains and pink beauty

This level I made fast and easily. By the way I made it fast because I haven't been making any levels at the last time! This level idea I had long time ago. No OCD Sad. By my self could not finish the level because there is long way up to the pipe. Have fun and don't forget to RATE!

[DESTROYER] To the launch of DESTROYER left 27 levels...

Black dangerous place
Black dangerous place1

My sixth level.No problem.Smile

Black Gray White
Someone has stolen our colors...

Can You imagine Goo balls without collors?

But it comes true...
The evil Mr. Sign has destroyed goo's colours.

When you have "King Beauty Balls", you must pick it at the end of Goo Tool's list to destroy crown's colour.

The goo balls are now so unhappy...

Black Lake

This level are some same like Winter Tower level but i made thi level by Old version of 1 Island.

Black Metal Balls
Black Metal Balls

Black Metal Balls is my First World of Goo Corp. Ball Style addin. It only changes the black metal in Metal Sandbox.

inwog's 1st World of Goo Corp. Ball Style Addin.
Mod made by inwog.

Black towers

My first level.Sorry for OCD bug but i cant fix it because i not know how to make ocd.Who helps?