Black and White

Authors: .SlipKnoT._2_2, gg
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Release date: 07/08/2016 - 11:34
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Black and White is my second chapter. It is also the first chapter I have created with gg. It has 12 levels and a hidden level called “Eeyore” that later appeared on Woody Mountain. This chapter went down once because the name of the intro level “Going Down” was already taken by another addin author and twice when the intro level again crashed. It is the first chapter to be moderated by MoM4Evr.

Single levels

“From The Void”

“The Noir Bomb”

Idea of the chapter

The idea for the chapter is one of the most distinct ideas of all chapters in goofans. It maybe is the influence for the colorless levels released after it. When I saw a musical album with a white background, I thought it would be a good color for my next chapter. I wore black tee shirts on that month. These two opposite colors made a good chapter.


It was released on a date not really far from the release date of Vol. 3:(Sandy World For Goo-660). The approval was fast, but downloads were slow and low compared to the chapters that was released on that time. Well, since it’s just the second chapter that I have created, It didn’t receive good downloads because the cover art is not as deceiving as Winter Wonderland but it is twice as hard as the first one.


Of course, the player is the main character. The two sign painters appeared in this chapter are The Noir and The Void Painters.


1. Going Down
2. Negative
3. The Opposite
4. From The Void
5. Blackout
6. The Stickiest Walls of the Void
7. Spacely
8. Slant Road
9. The Noir Bomb
10. Circus Guys
11. Complicated Wheel
12. Back In Black


.SlipKnoT._2_2- all levels except "From The Void" and "The Stickiest Walls of the Void", main concept, cut scenes, designs, custom balls "Noir Bomb" and "Noir Ivy", uploading, debugging, images, xml, xsl
gg- Map, levels "From The Void" and "The Stickiest Walls of the Void", custom ball "Void Ball", xml

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1.0AllTue, 09/02/2014 - 18:08com.goofans.SlipKnoT.22,gg.BlackNWhite.goomod674.81 KB941

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