Some levels' directory name are duplicated

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For example, Going Down and the first level Going Down in Black and White Chapter, They both use the directory "GoingDown".
This can cause leaderboard on goofans doesn't work properly because it can recognize new levels on goofans and add OCD to profile.

Suggestion: use {author){level name}, such as wegfanUndetachable.

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Good catch. I should have realized that level name was a bit too common. Post any others you find!

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Can I just change the directory name?

Nerdy Z is coming.

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Yes. You'll need to change the folder name, change the addin.xml, and change the level name by changing the names of the XML files and changing it in the .resrc.xml file. Or you can clone it in WooGLE and re-merge. I can help if you want; come to think of it, I should have probably just changed it myself in the first place.