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World of Goo: Triangoolar

Update: Chapter 3 has been released! Download it (and the updated other files) below.
Make use of the triangle-shaped Goo Balls as you traverse this world! Triangoolar features over 100 unique and fun-filled levels.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you download the music file first! Get it here:

Triangoolar's Discord Server:

Update 3.1: Made the balls in chapter 1 easier to use.
Update 3.0: Added chapter 3, modified some earlier levels, and completely reworked the secret levels!

Towersome Mod
Towersome flying structure

This simple mode lets you build it the Main Menu. It is an Easter Egg addin, there is no pipe. It is just for fun.

The starting triangle is between first and second chapter. have fun! Smile
Version 1.3 is out now.
Now you can play with Evil Eye balloons

Version 1.4 is out now.
It now supports 1.1 goomod format!

Version 1.5 is out now. update September 24, 2010
Changed so that it can be merged with other addins!

The Undiscovered Information Superhighway
The Mothership!

I originally created this pack of levels for the Fan Expansion project, but since that project is pretty much toast, here it is! This is probably my favorite pack of levels, and I'm especially proud of a few of these. Have fun playing them!


King of the Jungle

This is my first level - set in the jungle, the Goos are separated from the pipe by a huge gap... and Tarzan-style swinging vines...!

Additional language support to follow in v1.2

SPOILER - Check out the video for the OCD!

MOM4Evr's Handy Chapter Tutorial
Island 2 Map

This is a simple chapter addin that I whipped up in a few days for my chapter tutorial here. It overrides chapter 2 with a bunch of levels of my own creation from the NotWOG2 project. Special thanks to those who helped:

-- XDBoy, for the awesome intro movie (created with an early alpha version of GooVIE before it was released)
-- xanax, for the artwork in CrushingTest
-- puggsoy, since I loosely based this off his "Puggsoy's Island" mod
-- goomatz, for his XSL knowledge

Obsessive Climbing

Another level from "Goosweek's Goomods Factory":

Goo Balls need to climb up the conveyor belt. But it's going down and down...


OCD is now 35 balls.

My first level with histop, lostop & bounce parameters of hinge!

Pipe Colors
Red Pipe in Blustery Day

Pipe colors is my first theme addin. You can pick your favorite color in this addin, or request me more colors if you don't want the others.

Do not mix two colors at once, the came will crash.

Theme addin made by inwog

2 new balls

My first level ever.Help MOM send spam to WOGCorp. and destroy the anti-spam box and infect the anti-virus gear.Pipe hole is blocked so you must find it oh, and DON'T TOUCH THE SPAM

The Other Shaft
hanging around

A straight forward level based on the scenery from Upper Shaft. All you have to do is get her out of there in as few moves as possible. OCD set at 89, a challenge but achievable. I think it's a fun level and have enjoyed making and playing it. Hope you like it.
Update, the OCD has been well and truly shafted by the Goo Wizards. So if you have the touch. You can save her in only 4 moves!

The Night Sky
The normal background (sky_blue_2a)

As the sun sank over the last of the Goo hills, one of the Goo Balls seemed to say...

that World of Goo looks really amazing at night!

This mod gives all the Goo Balls those little sparkles from Fly Her to the Moon, replaces some of the music (thanks Hany and Pianoforte!), and makes the images darker.

It's in 5 parts, plus a simple demo. Please download all 5! It's awesome! Laughing out loud