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Beauty's Long Bony Road

Wow how did that beauty ball get on those bone balls that are on those spikes?
If you just look up you might see a solution...

Mars Beauty

There are two new types of goo balls. The mars beauty goo ball seems very beautiful. Like beauty goo ball. And mars product... Oh, for what am I talking about? The OCD is 20 goo balls one time I get 22 and in other 21 goo balls. Have a fun! Oh and this level will be part of the chapter "Lunar moon" In the "Wikigoo-4evr's view of the world of goo 2". Wink

Second version (version 0.2) is better... Now there are 50% more new goo ball style than in version 0.1!

Version 0.3 has just changed one geometry's contacts into false so you may want to download it...

Indies invade - An easter egg special
Easter eggs are here

Easter eggs are here!

Indie games have united and invaded the World.... of Goo.

They are scattered across many levels! It is up to you to find them all.
If you want this to be fun Please DON'T look whats inside the addin

Here is a tip: Start from the picture on the right ->

And here are few riddles so you can find the easily


"Who started the fire?" - Super Meat boy from Super Meat Boy
"This is a strange dimension, topless one!" - Captain Veridian from VVVVVV
"They almost can't see me from the clouds!" - Runman from Runman

Petya Virus
Petya is encrypting files now

I`m back!And i created PETYA VIRUS level.
Oh no!The Petya Virus attacked the whole Information Superhighway!You heve to wake up bomb sleeping on screen of death and explode screen!
OCD:72 balls
Post comment,download and like please!Wink Wink Wink

Goo around the World

My second level.
This level = Map World View + Graphic Processing Unit + something mine.
Enjoy it. Smile

P.S. How many balls can you collect?

Wet Chain
What's going on (tm)?

Wet Chain is my first level and a remake of drool.

thanks to thB and DaB for bug fixes Big smile

this is brought to you by GooMaster incorperation.

v1.4(by thB):
- Fix: background image shows correctly
- Fix: music didn't play before
- Fix: signpost text does not overwrite the one in Drool
-fixed size of images
-origional goomod relese

Festive Feast

Its Christmas, and to celebrate, I’ve made a nice festive level for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy.

The stars have been abandoned in the box, and its your job to get them to the tree before Christmas day comes.

Feel free to post time & move scores as well as balls collected.

Here's a spoiler video showing what to do for max goo.

Island 1 Enlarger
Extends the scene to the right...

Temporary Stop-Gap Measure!

I noticed people are starting to struggle with the 30 extra levels limit.
So.. until davidc gets around to re-writing GooTool...

This addin increases the size of Island 1.. allowing up to 100 (maybe 120) levels to be installed at the same time.

Winter Wonderland
Front cover(main snapshot)

Winter Wonderland is my debut chapter. It is an eight-leveled chapter which has a winter themed environment. The chapter was moderated by movildima. He was the first moderator to release my chapters. Despite the lack of level production, Winter Wonderland maintained a good reference to a cool chapter containing the best gfx I made. As of October 2015, downloads for the chapter is more than 500, making it the second most downloaded chapter I have released.

Tower of Water
What I need to do?

There wasn't any my addin for a long time.

It's my 41st level, over one year since I know GooFans...

Have you ever built a tower using only clear water? Is it possible?
OCD: 35 balls.

Enjoy custom Goovie (at the end)!

New version 1.1!

New version adds music to the Goovie, fixes mistakes in texts.