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The level

Finally, after thinking a lot of what was going to be my goo-proyect, here it is!!!
Beware of everything in this level! The spikes and gravity are an obstacle in this rainy addin. If there is something that could be replaced or upgraded, please tell me.
Have fun!
v0.2: Added a Sticky Bomb and Albino goos.

Teddy Vengeance (aka Feardrop)

This is an improved version of my entry for the Little Inferno Level Creation Contest.
Teddy Vengeance was the original name for the level, but I had to change it cos of a silly mistake I made.

*Version 2.0
A few little improvements, mainly ones to make it easier to understand what to do.

The Demo Tower

I've created over 45 WoG levels, but this one is realy unique.
It's my first ISH-themed level, first level using dispensers, and first level using time-limited Goo Balls.

You re not allowed to use full version of virtual balls in this level.
With special emitter-ball you can create as much balls as you want,
but they are only time limited versions of real balls.
Even the emitter is time limited...
My signpost is here, because I'm not athorized to access
that hi-tech level.
-the not enough virtual Sign Painter

OCD: collect all of 25 Hex balls.

Building Adventures
Climbing Down

Two another levels from Goosweek's Goomods Factory:

1. Climbing down - towards the bottom of dangerous hole
2. Walking bridge - on unstable platforms

Loadizing Mod
freaking out....

This mod adds NEW custom funny loading text! Laughing out loud

new version 0.9.2 August 31, 2009
It now works in Italian

new version 0.9.4 is out now! February 27, 2010
updated to 1.1 goomod format

new version 0.9.8 is out now! September 24, 2010

Hazardous Environment
Two boxes and a pipe

Got OCD ?
This one's not easy.

by thB

Ode To The Bridge Builder 2
Ode To The Bridge Builder 2

Make very big bridge to pipe on right! Smile This is not easy.

It's possible, why? I beat this level Smile

Philiplolz' Four Furious Stages!

My first four stages! Download all 4 downloads; these are all the stages.

Mars Beauty

There are two new types of goo balls. The mars beauty goo ball seems very beautiful. Like beauty goo ball. And mars product... Oh, for what am I talking about? The OCD is 20 goo balls one time I get 22 and in other 21 goo balls. Have a fun! Oh and this level will be part of the chapter "Lunar moon" In the "Wikigoo-4evr's view of the world of goo 2". Wink

Second version (version 0.2) is better... Now there are 50% more new goo ball style than in version 0.1!

Version 0.3 has just changed one geometry's contacts into false so you may want to download it...

Tower of Water
What I need to do?

There wasn't any my addin for a long time.

It's my 41st level, over one year since I know GooFans...

Have you ever built a tower using only clear water? Is it possible?
OCD: 35 balls.

Enjoy custom Goovie (at the end)!

New version 1.1!

New version adds music to the Goovie, fixes mistakes in texts.