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Screenshot of Island 3Author: MOM4Evr
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Release date: 03/23/2010 - 04:30
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This is BETA software and comes with no warranty. There. I've said it.
Feel free to distribute this screen saver freely, as long as credit is given to MOM4Evr, and as long as no money is charged.

To download, click the "Download Now" link and
save it onto your computer someplace. Right-click on the program
and choose Install. Enjoy!
NOTE: This program does not, and will never, contain any viruses,
malware, spyware, and such.
This program has been tested on Microsoft Windows Vista and
found to work correctly. It should work fine on XP and 7 as well.
If you have any troubles, let me know! It unfortunately won't work on either Mac, Linux, Solaris, or other OSs.

Now introducing...

Version 1.9!

Version 1.9 changes:
This version is still not complete, but has new and exciting features! Smile
For starters, it's not quite so boring. Random goo structures are built, and these are alternated with screenshots of the game. These screenshots are placed in the folder "Screenshots" in the same directory as the screensaver.

NOTE: the screenshots are customizable! Simply take your own screenshots and place them in the "Screenshots" folder, replacing the ones already there. Make sure they are in JPEG format and that they have the same names as the ones previously there. Otherwise the program will pop up a bunch of message boxes at you in frustration. It'll crash, too.

As this is a beta version, I recognize there are a few problems. Don't blame me too much and don't expect that these will be solved anytime soon. I'm busy. Wink

-Occasionally, one strand will be built off of the first two-strand, then nothing else. Oops. Just sit there and watch the other goos flying around and wait for the next screenshot cycle. Smile
-The tower is a jumbled mess. It looks cool, though!
-The goos aren't walking on the structure. Yet.
-It was crashing before, but I think I solved the problem. Let me know if it crashes on you.

NOTE: not all of the screenshots are customizable. Some are compiled into the program (Where you can't get at them! Smile ) as .bmp images, which accounts for the 6 MB size of the program.


There are 4 screenshots.

Screenshot of Island 3
Screenshot 1 of tower-building
Bizarre-looking structure
...And sometimes, this is all it does! :)
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