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Damsel in Distress

A rescue mission.

It's pretty hard, but it's quite doable with a little patience and experimentation. Smile

The OCD time is probably unattainable, but feel free to try and inform me of your personal records, and I'll try to set a more sensible one.

Have fun!

two-stroke engine

I created this level to point out that explosive Balls can do more than break geometrys. They are also able to push nonstatick geometrys which are not tagged break=1 or break=2.

Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution Thumb

This mod gives your goo balls a Industrial look.

It was first made publicly available at the 0.6 beta

All gooballs edited

Smiley Face Balls
Common & Balloons in Fisty's Bog (0.2)

This mod changes [in the latest version] just about ALL gooballs to unique smileys. Version 0.2 is for the demo version of WoG.
Changes: (drumroll) The Timebug problem is now fixed after a whole lot of pretty hard work! (Well, not THAT hard.) Now you don't have to click on those VERY ugly faces I drew to go back in time a move! Yes, I just insulted version 1.1 . Sorry 1.1 .
Changes: added Far Lands smileys. NOTE: if you want these Far Lands smileys to work, make sure Smiley Face Balls is higher on GooTool's goomod list than Far Lands.

on the run

My first level.
ocd: 11 moves
Started editing last year. But I wasn´t able to make it stabil.
Than I lost it, found it, gave up and finaly rebuild it with the new editor.
Thanks to DaB. The utilgoo was my last problem with this level.
Special thanks to Jagoob for the music.
I hope you like it. Please vote.

Space Battle
Space Battle

Fire The Cannons!

Goal: 3 balls
OCD: 75 seconds

by Albertt
background by MattOg


This level is inspired by Kyle's "Sunshine" game.
You can get the game with Kyle Gabler's Experimental Games Package.

This level is not very advenced as a WoG level (only building tower with balloons).
OCD is only 30 balls.
Enjoy unique Sunshine Goo Balls!

VERSION 0.2 !!!
And falling people as particle-effect! Bigger bg image.

Challenge Levels 2: The Goo Skills
Poster of Challenge Levels 2

Challenge Levels 2 is the new version of Challenge Levels. Prove your skills by finishing 15 classes of challenge. Brainstorm yourself to solve your way. Read signposts to see goal and ocd.

Level made by inwog.

Whistle Particle Changer

Tired of original whistle particle in the game?
Try Whistle Particle Changer!Wink
These goomod will make your whistle have a different appearance.


You should ONLY install one of these addins and Whistle color at a time or it will conflict with other addins since you can't use two whistler style at the same time. Please do not enable two or more of them at the same time.

World Sandbox

Build in all directions! Make ivy balls revolve around Earth, or maybe even actual structures!
Check out my video to see what it looks like!
The world is yours!

Version 1.5:
Infinite in all directions!
Infinite gooballs! (like before)
New music!

Check out my comedy channel!