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Distortion OST

Download All The Zip Files to complete the OST

This is the OST for my sixth chapter "Distortion". It contains 14 tracks. The tracks are in 4 individual .zip files. Press "Show 4 archived downloads" to download them individually.
Best played with iTunes.
Some of the tracks here are shortened in the chapter so here is a complete OST with full length tracks.


String of Goo (Wog2)
Don't Touch The Red Goo.

Behold... The fan Sequel of WOG! this game is different from World of Goo, as you can not build towers yet. BUT you can be a small gooball that swings on other gooballs.
So far it's just a test.
F1 for help.
Goos So far...

If you have any ideas or concerns. just say so in the comments.

Smudge Ivy

This is just a random mod that changes the textures of Ivy.

Entrance 10
Official cover Art

"Entrance 10" is the opening level and the third single level from my tenth chapter World Of Tangram Part 1: Color Citadel. The level itself is made very complexly. This is also the first level to be made for the chapter since all the levels are created according to the level listing. This is also the final level that I have released for the chapter.


This revolutionary level from a revolutionary chapter is programmed in a complex way.

Sky Tower or Strange Journey

This is an update of my level with strange gravity, with changed music.
Target: 32 balls
OCD: 5 minutes (300 seconds)

The Big Adventure

This is my biggest (and hardest) level yet. It will take a long time to complete, but its a fun level! I can't tell you how long it took to make this level!

There are four large areas to explore. You start at the bottom left, then go up to the top left, then the top right, then the bottom right. Its a very hard level, but there is no OCD so you won't need to worry about that. You just have to get at least 4 gooballs to the pipe. Have fun!

Update 1.1

-Fixed zoom
-Added autobounds
-Added more clouds to the places where the backgrounds change

Upper Shaft (Old Version)

This is Upper Shaft Old version
You Dont Have To Explode The Safty Transport

11/30/15 Demo!

11/30/15 Demo! is my first demo pack containing 4 demo levels that will appear on my upcoming debut chapter. It was created on 11/30/15 around 1:00 am to 7:00 am, making it the reference to the title of the demo pack. It was like a revenge on .SlipKnoT.22 'cause he refused to teach me how to make a chapter. Now, I am independent.

Level listing:
1. Blackened (Demo)
2. Hangin' Rough (Demo)
3. 10 (Demo)
4. Untitled (Demo)

The start of it all

The start Of it all!
This Is the first Level of the Series of "Into the factory" in that there will be different types of goo being used to power the power stations, and the black goos and molten goo ( the one in the image ) will break out of it, and it will blow up at the end, then it will go to the next chapter which involves the inside of the earth!

Demolisher's Cover

"Demolisher" is my 23rd single level for the 2-part chapter SlipKnoT IX. It is my newest single level since April 2015's "Go Long." It uses older SlipKnoT level elements that were used on a variety of my levels.

It is my first new level for 3 long months because a number of things happened so I couldn't work on my new chapter.

This single level's v1.1 will include 1 bonus level.