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The Spikes Room

OCD:30 secs
It's a level of my new planned chapter.But I don't know how to make one,soooooo...
I want help.I'll put her/him as an author of the mod.If nobody helps me i will just create a level pack(i don't think that there will be problems).
If you like it,you'll even like the chapter/level pack.

Oh My Goo

Thats right, im back! Laughing out loud

So this is a level I made back in Nov 2014, but never really had the time to upload it. Now I have tweaked it a bit and am uploading it. Find the fire, and get beauty outta there!
NOTE: The fire isnt really hard to find, just play around in it a bit Wink

Have fun! Laughing out loud

Deadly Wall
This looks hard.

I tried To recreate a Wog level that was in the world of goo trailer 1.

Trapped In The Puzzle World

Okay, I have to say, I really want to make level these days. For this time, @Rayleed and I made the level together.
@Rayleed provided me with a good originality, so I decided to write him to the author.

Our main role: Miss Beauty got trapped! It's quite dangerous. Hurry! Do your best to save her! But if you want to, you should think about how to free her!

P.S:There are two strange tools in the game, understand how to use them!


I'm back! Laughing out loud I haven't played World of Goo for nearly 2 years!

In this level, you can't detach the Ivies! You have to think a way to make new gooballs and finish this level. Wink
OCD: finish in 5 minutes

Mysterious ISH Color World Bonus: The yellow World

The next of MICW.
@Jim2102 said that he will send his mod to me but I can't download them Sad .And I'll be offline for a long time from the day after today.So I have to upload my mod at first.
P.S. Jim, if you've finished your level, upload it here.
P.P.S:Thanks @My gom for his images.

The Zhaozhou Bridge

this is my first level about a bridge in the China.welcome to play!

Onion Skin - Bit and Pilot

Make Bits and Pilots looks cooler when they're falling. Also works with other ball styles which overrides res/balls/Bit/body.png or res/balls/Pilot/body.png . Smile

Mygod made a theme called Onion Skin - World of Goo Corporation and AP said he should at least make it for the Bit, but Mygod was too lazy to make one. So I made it. Tongue

Under The Water

My 4th level!
Have Fun!Laughing out loud

Bridging The Canyon

This level takes a lot of elements from Ode To The Bridge Builder, but also mixes in Fuse Goo and fire. Also, the anchors are quite necessary to make building the bridge across the gap possible.

Balls required: 30
OCD requirement: 40 balls collected
Ball types: 1 (Fuse)
Fire: Yes
Water: No
Wind: No
Things that move: No