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Balloon Types
Custom Ballon ( Welcoming Unit )

This add - on is similar than jamerz do.
This will change the ballon goo into 8 types of balloon
1. Rainbow Balloon
2. Icy Balloon
3. Blue Star Balloon
4. Pixel Balloon ( Orange coloured., I want to fix this because it not looks pixelized)
5. Radioactive Balloon
6. Grass Balloon
7. Glassy balloon
8. Plasma Balloon

Make The Ugly Escape From The Upper Shaft
Make The Ugly Escape From The Upper Shaft

This is my first UpperShaft level, the work is not good, please forgive me,please try my level.

Bridging The Canyon

This level takes a lot of elements from Ode To The Bridge Builder, but also mixes in Fuse Goo and fire. Also, the anchors are quite necessary to make building the bridge across the gap possible.

Balls required: 30
OCD requirement: 40 balls collected
Ball types: 1 (Fuse)
Fire: Yes
Water: No
Wind: No
Things that move: No

Hexagon Maze

my third level
this is hexagon maze

Bird Of PREY
Bird of prey!

This level represents a bird found in the WEATHERVANE folder(but wasn't used in the level).

It wasn't clear if the images are forgotten or just for custom level purposes.

This level was featured in The KnoT Fest.

Trapped In The Puzzle World

Okay, I have to say, I really want to make level these days. For this time, @Rayleed and I made the level together.
@Rayleed provided me with a good originality, so I decided to write him to the author.

Our main role: Miss Beauty got trapped! It's quite dangerous. Hurry! Do your best to save her! But if you want to, you should think about how to free her!

P.S:There are two strange tools in the game, understand how to use them!

The Spikes Room

OCD:30 secs
It's a level of my new planned chapter.But I don't know how to make one,soooooo...
I want help.I'll put her/him as an author of the mod.If nobody helps me i will just create a level pack(i don't think that there will be problems).
If you like it,you'll even like the chapter/level pack.

SlipKnoT Demo: A .SlipKnoT._2_2 Promotional Level Pack
The SlipKnoT Demo

SlipKnoT Demo: A .SlipKnoT._2_2 Promotional Level Pack is the demo package for the upcoming big 4-part chapter with a bonus part. I intend to release it on November.

Why did I release these teaser levels?

It's been 3 weeks and I haven't released levels so I did this one.

But, the chapter is going to be released when it's done unlike Epic Goo Tales 'cause I have released the first part of it which is "The Salvation of the Ruined City".

Center Fire
Level screenshots

Fire is gravity center,fire is killer!

Impossible Go Up

Let's get OCD and 34 balls!
My 5th level.