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My GomSun, 03/31/2013 - 04:1139.29m1,1173 days 3 hours
My GomMon, 10/20/2014 - 09:363.39m1,2394 days 17 min
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Curtain of night under terror

Goo's night ( in the wild), they are trapped in a dangerous area, how should you do?
Collection: 15 ball
OCD: 35 ball.Laughing out loud

High Gravity the Tower of GooⅠ

The world's highest gravity!!
Collect 1 Balls.
OCD 49 Balls!
My first Gravity Level.Wink

P.S. you can collect to Bit?


First off I go to heaven.
New Goo ball: Theevil_MyGom Flying.
Collection 1Balls, OCD 32Balls.

Big adventure

Big adventure, my sixth Level.
It took ten days for ( presumably), ten days I want to create a picture, the new sticky ball ... ...
Big adventure, be my masterpiece.

A balloon

Hot air balloons and balloon brushed! My Gom left letters.

Cannot explode

I close Cannot explode
Can say is that I feel quite a good pass, some people may not think so, but I think!Laughing out loud



Art of balance

Here you will see the demon _ X Series ball products!

My Gom

My Gom is my representative, with My Gom jigsaw puzzle.

Hang Low2

This is what I do the most difficult toll-gate.
When Fuse comes into contact with the fire, you will have to give up.


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