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BUG School #5


This level shows you the bug about the water disappears while the geometry is pulled out of the hinge. Goal is quite easy if you know the trick. OCD needs luck.
Goal: 4 balls
OCD: 4 moves

Good luck. Wink
Special thanks to @wogfan and @jackchen2345.

Very Tall

A 50-meter tall level! It sounds crazy!
OCD: Collect 30 balls
Thanks @Mygod for telling me that undeletenow can be used in onclick!

0.2 Update:
Add music.
Chang OCD

Delivering Beauty

Deliver beauty to the pipe!It seems like a long way to go...
This level is based on Deliverance and Grape Vine Virus.

Grape Vine Virus Reloaded

Woogle design

New version of the original level Grape Vine Virus!!

Version 0.1:
1.Create level.

Tower of Goo Reloaded

The balls down there.

Tower of Goo new version: Tower of Goo Reloaded!

Version 0.1:
1. The first version.

Version 0.2-0.3:
1. Change the DrainedFallingAttachment balls.

OCD: 99 balls.
Goal: 25 balls.

NEW BALL USED: DrainedFallingAttachment!
Btw, why the FallingAttachment page is in the Woogle pages instead of Wooble pages?

Get Down The Ugly

My 5th level!Have fun!Wink
Goal:40 balls
OCD:80 balls
Also, there are two secrets in this level!

0.6 Update:
Delete colorful balloon mod & change ending camera

Deadly Gears

The coming gear

You must be quick! The gears are com'in!
P.S. Designed by World of Gooballs.

Version 0.1:
1. The first version.

OCD: 38 balls.
Goal: 1 ball.

Dive And Squeeze

Woogle design

You must dive to the bottom and squeeze to the top. Have fun!

Version 0.1:
1.The first version.

Version 0.2:
2.Change the music.

OCD: 21 balls.
Goal: 1 balls.

ceo5686's Balance Challenge level I:Simple Balance

A little hard?

Er......This is my fifth level.I think this level is not so hard.You must keep balance!

Thanks jackchen2345's suggestion---about background.

Now OCD is 40″.

Now OCD is 40 balls.


Have fun! Smile
玩得愉快! Smile

xinxin's first level

Be careful!(小心点!)

This is my first level.This is easy too.(My name called inxin.)

-Thanks Mygod and jackchen2345.


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